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The veterinary community is defined by the compassionate, dedicated heroes who tirelessly strive to better the lives of pets and their families. We believe they deserve a celebration that reflects their lasting impact—that’s why Trupanion created the Veterinary Appreciation Day Awards!

The 2024 award season may be over, but the party is just getting started!

Nominee from last year
Nominee from last year
Nominee from last year
Nominee from last year
How it works
Pet parents and veterinary professionals alike were invited to nominate an extraordinary hospital team member they know or work with. Those who accepted their nomination by May 15 are showcased on this site.
Check out our nominee showcase page to meet this year’s contenders for “Veterinarian of the Year” and “Veterinary Professional of the Year”. Cast your vote anytime between May 17 and May 24.
Join us in celebrating all the amazing individuals who make up the veterinary community year-round! Our 2024 award recipients were announced on Veterinary Appreciation Day, June 18.

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